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Three of the Nation's top four "Masters" combine their talents and experience to guarantee you six hours of sure-fire systems, sources, techniques and psychological approaches. 

Registration Includes: 
  • Six hours of sure fire systems, sources, techniques, and psychological approaches
  • Take-Home Material
  • Lunch
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Membership in the association of collectors and tracers 
Who Should Attend: 

Bankers, credit unions, auto and insurance firms, private investigators, bondsmen, law enforcement, attorneys, paralegals, process servers, genealogical researchers, all extenders of credit, collectors, and those wanting to learn this fascinating business. 

Reprogram your attitude Use simple, low cost - effective techniques such as refund checks, telephone trap lines and calling cards.
Skip Trace - no mystery Be the locator - the actor
Determine: Right to know vs. Need to know Network FREE - critical to your success
Use the four magic words of success Select an outside agency if needed
Locate and trace from YOUR files Electronic trace - Its critical role - sometimes the human way is still the best
Read between the lines - a lost art Use rarely thought of and overlooked sources
Use Neuro Linguistics, Color, Dialects and other voice techniques in tracing Use 101 tracing sources - plus many, many more sources
Use motivational research - psychology of tracing Not overlooked - the most important contacts
Use specially designed forms for automatic results Use new telephone techniques
Save time and money - Economic impact of tracing Use social security legally - base or data - more than a number
Break PO boxes legally Communicate - shield yourself from possible lawsuits and a poor image
Use confidential sources Create a flow chart that works
Use public sources - Birth, death, divorce and domestic records Evaluate your material
Do telephone tracing - you may not be doing it right? Locate for profit - Locate witnesses, heirs, biological parents, assets, missing persons
When the fair trade collection practices act applies.  

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